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Welcome to the Don't Go Unless podcast page! Before we dive in, it’s probably helpful to cover a few things that this show is NOT about. This is NOT about creating long lists of places you’ll never see. This is NOT a show that is going to tell you to get that perfect instagram shot. This is NOT a show designed to regurgitate the typical, vapid travel lists that we’ve all grown so weary of.

This is a show to challenge your assumptions, to ignite your imagination, and to inform your next trip, and every one after that, so each can be the trip of a lifetime. 

May 28, 2024

Are there some countries whose image has already been cemented in your mind, even before you've seen the latest posts and reels coming from people visiting them? You know, the ones that make the news, but for all the wrong reasons. When thinking about Pakistan, have you dared to imagine yourself traveling there, without an agenda, for months on end? Perhaps not, but we're about to hear from a traveler who did just that, whose perspective has the power to change your perceptions.

Brent Timm is a full-time traveler who got his start sharing his love of snack food on his travels around the world. He aims to show a world that transcends our preconceptions, by highlighting humanity’s common bonds. I caught up with Brent shortly after he returned from 100 days in Pakistan, and during a short rest period before his next adventure. Follow along with Brent on your favorite social media platform, or at Bren