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Welcome to the Don't Go Unless podcast page! Before we dive in, it’s probably helpful to cover a few things that this show is NOT about. This is NOT about creating long lists of places you’ll never see. This is NOT a show that is going to tell you to get that perfect instagram shot. This is NOT a show designed to regurgitate the typical, vapid travel lists that we’ve all grown so weary of.

This is a show to challenge your assumptions, to ignite your imagination, and to inform your next trip, and every one after that, so each can be the trip of a lifetime. 

Jun 16, 2022

Have you ever realized how well you might just... *click* with another traveler? Do you wonder if that means that you're kinda wired the same way, or if there's something else going on? We won't find an easy answer, but in today's episode I speak with someone who's nearly the opposite of my traveler's persona, yet...