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Welcome to the Don't Go Unless podcast page! Before we dive in, it’s probably helpful to cover a few things that this show is NOT about. This is NOT about creating long lists of places you’ll never see. This is NOT a show that is going to tell you to get that perfect instagram shot. This is NOT a show designed to regurgitate the typical, vapid travel lists that we’ve all grown so weary of.

This is a show to challenge your assumptions, to ignite your imagination, and to inform your next trip, and every one after that, so each can be the trip of a lifetime. 

Apr 27, 2021

Solo female traveler Katie Aune recounts impressions from her visit to the reclusive country of Turkmenistan, which was part of a broader, year-long trip across the former Soviet republics. 

The two discuss striving for authenticity in a socially repressive regime, and many of the relatively unknown natural features of this nation.